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While training for a 100-mile bike ride, Meriden was hit by a car and spent three months in a wheelchair. It was through this process that she began to study mind-body modalities like breath techniques and mindfulness. It seriously changed her life.


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Meriden combines her master's level education in mental and public health with her training in mind-body modalities to teach individuals and groups techniques for optimal wellbeing. Meriden has worked with a variety of groups such as professional athletic teams, including both the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns, Fortune 500 companies, corporate lawyers and their clients, human resource departments, veterans, mental health professionals, families, and adolescent girls in a variety of settings ranging from presentations to crowds of thousands to one-on-one sessions.


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Group Courses

Our teacher-led group programs with peer support is a great way to maximize full benefit and learnings. To create lasting change, we recommend Group Class 101 & Group Class 102.

Corporate Training

In partnership with the University of Cincinnati Center for Integrative Health and Wellness, Mariden McGraw and Dr. Sian Cotton provide evidence-based mental resilience skills to individuals & organizations.


We are here to support your journey towards wellness through mindfulness and positive psychology. Get equipped with self-awareness tools that help you understand personal resilience.

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“While 1 in 5 of us will have a mental illness in our lifetime, we all have mental health and we must understand how to care for our mental health daily in order to thrive.”


Meriden McGraw

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